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Guilty Crown Episode 4: A Script Writer’s Perspective

Quick, someone get me my memo. We spent most of our budget on episodes 1-3, so, we need to plan this shit out!

SCRIPT PLAN 1: (Post Production Note: Due to motivation limitations, only one plan was written out, it was also the plan that was used.)

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Guilty Crown episodes 2-3

Why am I writing this post? I do not know, I am sure the fact that my last post about Guilty Crown got me lots of views has nothing to do with it. Yup, yup, nothing at all! On that same note, lurkers are encouraged to comment, even if you say something mocking my intelligence, I will let it go (mocking my beauty on the other hand, well that is a totally different matter).

This pretty much sums the show quite well...also, this screen-cap was hard to capture!

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