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12 Days of Anime #1: Nichibros

Hello everyone. Sorry, but let’s start this post with some bad news (a Reddit thread). More bad news (another  Reddit thread). My condolences to the families of the victims and the victims themselves.

If you did not read my previous posts and have no intention of doing this, just know that the 12 Days of Anime is a blogosphere tradition (originally started by Canon-Chan, but now lead by Scamp) that involves writing 12 posts on memorable anime moments in the past year. The posts don’t have to involve anime this year and other than somehow showcasing your love of aforementioned moments, there are no other rules.

Unfortunately, I don’t have access to my complete anime collection at the moment, so screenshots will be hard to come by and I might forget a few special moments. I also have exams until the 17th, so yeah, expect posts of dubious (or more dubious than usual) quality.

Nichibros Nooo

Just like last year, I am going to try and make 12 of those 12 Days of Anime post thingies.

Just like last year, I plan on splitting them into “MOST MEMORABLE MOMENT(s)” and “Other memorable moment(s)“.

Just like last year, I plan on occasionally breaking my own rules.

Starting with this post.

Yup, I am such a bad boy.

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