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How much coffee does Master grind?

I am sorry, I have been so inactive as of late. I have been genuinely busy though, so please don’t hate me too much. This post is also totally and utterly useless, so don’t hate me for that either.

Anyway, the question we are trying to ask and find a not very accurate answer to is quite simple:

Just how much coffee does the "Master" grind?

Just how much coffee does the “Master” grind?

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I guess I am a bit like my blood type…


This post is actually a waste of your time. I have no idea why I made it.

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12/12/12 12:12




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The Good Muffin, Bad Muffin routine.

Interrogation time

I was tagged in this blogger interrogation game by Fail Kastel. I don’t normally post meta things on this blog, but sometimes a Lord needs to step in and quash the dreams of peasants.

You can find the rules of this particular blog activity here, but basically, you have to answer 5 questions from someone else, make 5 of your own and then tag other people to do the same.


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11/11/11 11:11

At the time this post is published, it will be 11:11 AM on 11/11/11. Isn’t that cool? This post serves no purpose other than you know the cool factor of being alive on this special day.

This picture took a surprising amount of time to make.

Cool things about today:
11/11/11 is the largest binary date you can get, it’s equal to 128 or 1023 if you include 11:11. This by the way also means that it is the last binary date you can get until 3000…ain’t that something, unless you write 2100 as 100 in which case, it’s the last binary date for a century.
It’s also a palindrome, so you can read it as 11/11/11 or as 11/11/11 ain’t that something?
This palindrome shnaz can only happen once every 100 years, so yeah, treasure it!


People find this blog with some interesting hidden techniques.


Life is short, like this post, and I didn’t write that sentence just because I felt bad for not writing anything!

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10/10/10 10:10 post

This post serves no purpose other than serving as a reminder of this day, i.e. that I actually lived through this day:P I shall see you in the future!

edit-This edit was written on 20/10/2010, 11:25pm (although the time doesn’t really matter), because that to is an interesting special day! Yay, for special days!

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