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Weekly Shonen: Bleach 454, Naruto 545, One Piece 630

Hey, I am on time, well, somewhat anyway! It’s a bit sad how I am sitting here, writing this post at like 10:45 on Canada Day, when I could have gone out with my family and seen fireworks, oh well, such is the life of the lazy.

Yeah….I wrote this post, or well most of it on Friday night, but then a friend showed me the manhwa, “Witch Hunter” and things could only go south from there.

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Another brave soul bites the dust.

Well, one of the few consistent scanlators of weekly shonen has shut down. This is another sad day in the manga world.


I didn’t really read their scanlations, but I did use their images on this blog quite frequently. So, well, yeah. I don’t know if I am making a big deal over something inevitable, but hey, sometimes it is good to pay respect to the nice people who bring us anime/manga.

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The death of a dear friend (again?).

Thanks for everything, I love you guys.

First it was OneManga, and now this, jeez, I should make a separate category for closures.
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The Finishing Blow

I was reading Yankee-kun to Megane-chan, and well, while in the midst of chapter 102, it died. Just like that a stake was driven through my heart, and it well hurt. I could QQ at the publishing companies, but that’s for some other time, for now, I shall feel remorse.

The pain, it hurts.

Rest in Peace One Manga- August 2nd 2.33 AM EST. You were a very dear old friend, and you will be sorely missed.

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A sad week, the end of a legend and possibly a way of life.

They might be going down, but at least their head is held up high, this is dignity at it's finest.

Well folks, I only found out today (though some would have known for a few days now) that One Manga is shutting down. I have few words to say, for there is little to say. One Manga was a legendary Manga site, I loved it, I used it a lot. I started out reading Naruto and Bleach. Eventually my Bleach readings lead me to the precurser of Mangashare. Mangashare got me into reading manga, and it didn’t take long for me to find One Manga. It had almost every manga one could ask for. It was probably the most convenient site on the internet. Sigh, I will sorely miss it.

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