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Saviors of Winter 13: Dera

Tamako Market_2

The anime community has had an interesting reaction to Dera.

There are some people who think he is incredibly annoying and single-handedly ruins what might have been a good show and then there are others who think he is the best (or second best) character in Tamako Market.

It us not uncommon to see a large gap in opinion in the blogosphere, but such a large disparity is slightly less common.

In case it wasn’t immediately obvious from the title, I am part of the second group of people. That is to say, I think Dera is the second best character in Tamako Market and one of the best characters this season.

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Saviors of Winter 13: Hosaka

This is a series I have been meaning to start for a while. The gist of it is that I want to cover characters that I feel make some particular season of anime worth sitting through.

Naturally, the first character to get a post is Minami-ke’s juggernaut Hosaka.


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