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WPSAWNC: Diabolik Lovers More, Blood Episode 05


Why did I watch this episode?

In my attempt at downloading Dance with Devils, I ended up grabbing Diabolik Lovers More, Blood Episode 05 instead. Since it was there, I figured I might as well watch it and write a post on it to try and pull myself out of this blogging slump.

That and well, the few screenshots I have from Diabolik Lovers S1 are pretty popular on my random screenshot tumblr.

Note: If you weren’t aware, Diabolik Lovers is a fairly messed up series. Read the rest of this post at your own discretion.

The clock turning to indicate the episode number is really cool.

Indicating the episode number with clock hands is really cool.

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WPSAWNC: Sword Art Online Episode 24

WPSAWNC is an abbreviation I just made up. It stands for:  WATCHED POTENTIALLY SHIT ANIME WITH NO CONTEXT.

I have also taken the liberty and made this post a pseudo tutorial for episodics. The only problem is that I don’t cover anime episodically.

Definition of “No Context”

“No Context” is a rather liberal phrase in this particular case. I read a few posts by other bloggers on this most popular of anime and I kept up with some discussion on Twitter. I watched the first few episodes of SAO (otherwise known as Sword Art Online). I also watched the episode in which Kirito and Asuna move in together in the hopes of seeing Kirito deposit 2 years of sperm inside Asuna. Unfortunately, the staff behind the anime are sissies so they didn’t animate it.

Why did I choose SAO episode 24?

Well, everyone that blogged it said it was horrible. It seems to have been an episode that induced a gag reflect in many of my fellow bloggers. Given how bad everyone said it was, I had no choice but to see if it really was that bad or not.

Introductory images are a good way of making sure your front page isn`t all text. It also hopefully entices people to click the

Introductory images are a good way of making sure your front page isn’t all text. It might also entice people to click the “read more” thing.

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