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Q&A with Nobuyuki Hiyama at Anime North 2017


Picture from the AN page on him

Nobuyuki Hiyama is a well respected, long time voice acting veteran. Off the top of my head, my favorite role of his is the Director of Shirobako, but he has a ton of anime and video game roles.

I was only able to attend the Q&A session held on Sunday (May 28, 2017). I jotted down some of the questions and answers but pretty scrappily (it is hard) so forgive me for paraphrasing a lot and for any missing/incorrect info. The answers written here are also much shorter than his nice long replies. Anyway, I hope you find his responses interesting (I liked him a lot!).

Shirobako 874

I wish I had remembered this line and asked him to voice it.

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Anime North 2016: Takeshi Nogami and Dan Kanemitsu’s panel on Military Girls


Last month, I was at Anime North and attended a panel by Takeshi Nogami and Dan Kanemitsu on Military Girls and the irk. Nogami has worked on a fair few manga (as well as doujins of popular series like Kancolle) and he contributed to the character designs in Girls und Panzer.

Takeshi Nogami

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Anime North 14 Day 2-3: I met Takane, bought more stuff and did nothing important.


I am sorry I had to combine posts 2 and 3 together. I was so tired on Saturday when I got home (even though I got home quite early), nothing got done. I am also sorry this post is a week late.

I am also sorry for making a post that reads a lot like diary entries. I guess this is my own way of keeping a diary of sorts for what happened. (Spoiler: The diary entries are quite boring.)

Toronto Congress Centre

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Anime North Day 1: I bought stuff and did nothing important.


Here at Toxic Muffin we strive to provide you with timely coverage of important anime/manga related events. Naturally, given its close vicinity to our home base, the most important such event going on is Anime North.

I got to Anime North a bit late ( around 4 or 5 PM, I think ) and didn’t bother going to any panel/event. Since I didn’t even have my camera with me, I couldn’t take pictures (or well chose not to anyway) of the cool cosplay folk.

No, all I did was shop, but even here I was kind of limited since I only brought $20 in cash with me (a few retailers accept debit/credit and I ended up spending way too much at them).

2014-05-23 16.49.56

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Toxic North 2014


Image above is the official header stolen from the official site.

Hello, hello.

Once more, Anime North is happening and once more I am attending.

I apologize for making this post so late when no one is going to notice and have time to make plans. If you, happen to be going to Anime North, then let me know so we can meet up or something!

As usual, you can just leave a reply here, email me or contact me on twitter. I do have data on my phone, so I am normally quite reachable. I will probably be there for most of Friday (tomorrow), Saturday and Sunday as well.

Last time around, I took my AN announcement post and modified it with some coverage. I don’t think I will do that this time and instead I will probably make one or more separate posts covering it.

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Toxic North 2013



Anime North is happening this year!

Well, it happens every year, but par something going horribly wrong, it is happening this year to!

If you are going to Anime North and would like to meet up, leave me a reply or talk to me on Twitter. I have data on my phone so I should still be accessible. I will be there Friday evening (likely sometime after 4), all of Saturday and up to 4 or 5 PM on Sunday.

I am including this image because everyone else seems to have done the same.

I am including this image because everyone else seems to have done the same.

This post feels like a waste of time, but hopefully if I get the chance I will update it with pictures and stuff as the convention goes on.



p.s. Despite being called Anime North, Anime North happens in the Southern part of Canada.

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