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Fox Spirit Matchmaker is the Summer 17 show I’m most invested in

Right off the bat I’ll note that Fox Spirit Matchmaker (originally Huyao Xiao Hongniang or Enmusubi no Youko-chan on Japanese TV) isn’t necessarily an anime I’d recommend to others. It is not the content matter is questionable or anything, but that it is not exactly a high quality anime or so to speak.

In the world of Fox Spirit Matchmaker, youkai exist and sometimes these youkai fall in love with and are loved by humans. Unfortunately humans die much earlier than youkai. And upon their death, humans are reincarnated.

To keep the youkai happy, the matchmakers have the ability to restore the memories of reincarnated humans. That is to say, a human will remember their past love and they can continue their married to a youkai life. The story is very much about keeping destined lovers together forever. (Note: Both parties agree to this deal in the human’s past life.)

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