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The first few Gamers episodes surprised me and blew me away

[HorribleSubs] Gamers! - 01 [1080p]-00_06_21.798-435.jpg

[If you are not up to date with Gamers, watch the 2nd episode before reading this post. Trust me, that 2nd episode is really good and significantly better than the 1st.]

The anime season was well under way when I returned from my cross country trip. Not knowing much about any of the anime that have aired, I figured I’d do the thing I do every season and watch some. I started with Fox Spirit Matchmaker, and for all its faults, it charmed me enough that I watched all four episodes.

I wanted something light and easily digestible, so I watched Knights and Magic (my friends said it was good wish fulfillment stuff and I love those stories). I opened Tsurezure Children next. I absolutely love the manga and the anime most certainly did not disappoint.

Then I rolled myself around to Gamers. The title ‘Gamers’ sounded garbage enough that I figured it would make good fluff entertainment.

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