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Legend: A fun isekai with problematic murder

Legend is a Light Novel about some dude who died and was reincarnated into a powerful body with access to long forgotten magic. He then goes on an adventure to well discover what he can do/learn and well do standard adventure stuff. You know how it goes.

Note: I have only read the manga and I am only going to talk about that here.


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I wanted to be a video game protagonist but I’ve been reincarnated as the villain!

I am an unabashed fan of isekai stories (protagonists being transported to a fantasy world), but I’m too lazy to make a large recommendation post so I am gonna talk about a sub-genre I like a lot. Namely stories where the main character finds themselves in the game world of a game they enjoy but instead of being a protagonist they are the original story’s antagonist.

blacksmith 1 reincarnated.png

The opening of Expecting to Fall into Ruin, I Aim to Become a Blacksmith

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