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Some thoughts on ‘oppressed villains’

Shortly after Marvel’s Black Panther was released, a discourse erupted in my internet bubble with many critics calling the movie ‘too centrist’. What they meant by that was the villain wanted to overthrow systems of oppression and the hero stopped him because said villain’s methods was wrong. There was a fair bit of discussion on it and I won’t further open it up or anything (you can read this post and this one if you want the gist of the interpretations).

Black Panther isn’t unique though. A large amount of fiction, heck fiction for a long time, has villains who, due to the cruelty their group was treated with, grew up into monsters and I am generally not fond of this.

bleach cover 03-04

Example: In Bleach, the Quincy were basically wiped out by the “good guys” only to come back in the final arc as villains wanting revenge

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