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Q&A with Nobuyuki Hiyama at Anime North 2017


Picture from the AN page on him

Nobuyuki Hiyama is a well respected, long time voice acting veteran. Off the top of my head, my favorite role of his is the Director of Shirobako, but he has a ton of anime and video game roles.

I was only able to attend the Q&A session held on Sunday (May 28, 2017). I jotted down some of the questions and answers but pretty scrappily (it is hard) so forgive me for paraphrasing a lot and for any missing/incorrect info. The answers written here are also much shorter than his nice long replies. Anyway, I hope you find his responses interesting (I liked him a lot!).

Shirobako 874

I wish I had remembered this line and asked him to voice it.

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