Classroom Crisis has doomed anime.

Around two weeks ago, having watched the eleventh episode of Classroom Crisis, I made a post proclaiming it to be the savoir of anime. I had thought that it had taken a very novel approach to romance and for once, my OTP had come true with minimal fuss. I thought CC to be a step above other anime, but I was wrong. I was naive. I was very naive.

Classroom Crisis 208

The A-Tec ending itself was kinda…silly. I can understand why A-Tec did what they did with the whole combining presentation with Nagisa rescue thing. I can understand that under the circumstances, it was the best course of action, but the whole development felt unnecessary.

Classroom Crisis 178

Near the end of episode 11 (before the stabbing scene), things were progressing so smoothly. Nagisa had a plan written up, the students were all motivated and we were gung-ho for a simple, but effective finale. Had Nagisa just revealed the plan, the kids could have worked for half the episode, presented, started their own company. I’d have been totally happy to have had that as a twelfth episode and some kind of filler “let’s have a date” as a thirteenth episode. This final bit of tension and suspense was unnecessary. The whole “Yuji stabs Nagisa” thing lead to no useful development with perhaps the exception of Iris’s piloting comeback, but she could have done that without the hostage situation.

In the show's favour, it at least acknowledged how absurd this presentation was.

In the show’s favour, it at least acknowledged how absurd this presentation was.

But, I am a forgiving fan. I can forgive such blemishes since the rest of the show was good and it did wrap up. BUT! BUT it did one thing that was totally unforgivable.

I had grown complacent. I had thought that since they had kissed, Nagisa x Mizuki was a done deal. Because you know, breakups don’t exist in anime (no, I have not seen School Days and refuse to remember any of Kimi no Iru Machi). I was wrong. Even with only two episodes to go, this show did something as unexpected as that kiss, but only it was the wrong kind of unexpected. It ended with a harem.

Classroom Crisis 198

A harem end? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? REALLY? REALLY? After doing such a perfect job at episode 11, this, this is what you do CC? REALLY? WHY? WHY!? 

Okay, it is not exactly a harem end, just a love triangle end, but in my eyes, this is just as bad. No, it is worse. It is worse because it was all resolved and settled. Iris has no place here.

Classroom Crisis 213

You can’t change who falls in love with you, but you can always politely reject them. Why oh why couldn’t Nagisa just tell Iris “sorry, I respect you as a friend, colleague and former master, but I have someone else dear to me”. What happened to your spine, Mr.Ruthless Businessman.

Classroom Crisis 193

You can’t change whom you fall for, but you can hold back and you know NOT TRY TO STEAL YOUR BEST FRIEND’S boyfriend. Holy shit, Iris. You knew Nagisa for what eight years? And at most you have like one or two memories of him. Mizuki has been your best friend, no only friend, for 10 years and all ten of them were during years you can actually recall (as in, it is hard to recall memories from when we were really young). WHY CAN’T YOU QUIETLY FADE INTO THE BACK AND LET THEM BE.

Classroom Crisis 199

I can’t believe Mizuki can still be happy friends with Iris despite this betrayal. Classroom Crisis was going for a “everyone but Yuji ends up happy and good” ending, but I am not happy. I am not happy at all. Did you ever think about that CC? DID YOU EVER THINK ABOUT THE CUSTOMERS?

(Okay, that was a little unnecessary, and mean of me.)

Sigh. Well, it is one thing when an anime goes and shoots itself in the foot like this, but this is part of a larger, more depressing truth.

Stupid childhood memories.

Stupid childhood memories.

9 out of 10 anime experts agree that the “childhood friend who comes back after x years” is always worst girl. [Citation Needed] Iris is just further proof of this. What makes this worse, is that the “childhood friend who came after x years” never lose. They don’t always win (Iris didn’t win here), but they cannot lose.

Classroom Crisis has proven that even with the odds stacked against them, even with the love interest already in a relationship, the “childhood friend from an era long gone by” simply won’t go away. Worst girl can never lose. It is a sad, sad truth. Perhaps CC’s depiction of this phenomenon doesn’t doom anime. No, it just proves that anime was doomed all along (for us shippers anyway).

There is no shipping god. Char help us all.

char_1 char_2_please dont joke

Shamelessly stolen from here.

p.s: For anyone not used to my rants, I am not really all that angry. I am just sad and disappointed. I still gave CC a 7 on MAL because episodes 1-11 were good, but I am really tempted to go back and change it to a 6 or maybe even a 3.



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  1. #1 by Judy on September 28, 2015 - 12:03 am

    Your entire post voiced exactly what I was thinking. I loved the out of nowhere mature like relationship to just have it ruined by Iris, who should love Mizuki more since they grew up together, ah so disappointed, thank you for this post.

    • #2 by Reiseng on September 28, 2015 - 12:06 am

      Thank you. I am glad I wasn’t the only one who felt this way. 🙂

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