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Summer 16: Some Final Thoughts


I haven’t posted much at all recently, but figured I’d make a quick post with some thoughts on anime that ended several weeks back.

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Summer 2015: End of Season thoughts

Shimoneta 1789

Ideally, I should make an end of post for every anime I watched this past season, but that seems like too much work. So, here are some short thoughts on whatever I managed to muddle through.

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Fate/Stay Night (2006) : End of Season Thoughts

Well, F/SN aired back in 2006, so I am not sure if I should call it “end of season”, but I figured I’d stick to convention.

I recently stumbled across the Archer vs Berserker fight on YouTube and as bad as the fight was, the music in it got me interested in the original Fate route adaptation. So, I decided to watch it. It was surprisingly all right and not as bad as everyone had lead me to believe. It still had its fair share of faults though.

Fate Stay Night 147

This is one of those incredibly iconic anime shots.

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Classroom Crisis has doomed anime.

Around two weeks ago, having watched the eleventh episode of Classroom Crisis, I made a post proclaiming it to be the savoir of anime. I had thought that it had taken a very novel approach to romance and for once, my OTP had come true with minimal fuss. I thought CC to be a step above other anime, but I was wrong. I was naive. I was very naive.

Classroom Crisis 208

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Winter 2015: Some end of season thoughts

Hello, since my opinions on anime are always in demand, I figured I’d jot down a few. Winter 2015 was actually a very good season for anime, but unfortunately, I only finished a very small number of anime. I didn’t have much time and a general sense of doom and gloom occupied my mind these past few months. Oh well. Let’s see what we can talk about.

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End of Season Thoughts: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders Pt.1


I know JoJo will be coming back next January, but I figured I might as well say some things that I want to say about it right now and judge the second part of Stardust Crusaders on its own.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Stardust Crusaders 75

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Spring 2014: Some end of season thoughts

Ideally, I should make several posts and each one would talk about an anime I finished in decent detail. I tell myself, I will do that every season, but I never do. So, in the interests of time and in the interests of actually getting something out there, I will just concatenate some very short thoughts together into this one post.

Fortunately, I didn’t actually finish many anime, so this shouldn’t be too long. Naturally, since I watched so few shows to completion, it should be quite apparent that I had a positive opinion on most of the following.

I didn't actually finish this one, though it seems quite well liked.

I didn’t actually finish this one, though it seems quite well liked.

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Valvrave the Liberator: “You are my friend.”

Having just finished Valvrave, I was tempted to make a proper “End of Season Thoughts” post but then I realized that it would mostly be nothing but a rehash of my 12 Day post. I actually thought the ending to the anime was surprisingly well done given how rushed it was.

Valvrave the Liberator 1264

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Mushibugyo: End of Season Thoughts

I am ashamed to admit that I only just finished Mushibugyo (last Saturday). I can’t believe this little gem went totally under my radar when it was airing in Spring and Summer.

I picked it up last weekend after I saw Draggle’s post. Anything that gets a B from him is normally worth watching but a dumb Shonen with some incredible romance? Oh, I am all over that.

Mushibugyou Bros

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Gj-bu: End of Season Thoughts.

I know that with Spring well under the way, I really should be talking about currently airing anime, but I really wanted to have at least one post on what I consider to be Winter 13’s most under appreciated anime.

Gj-bu tama bag

Warning: Like any respectable fanboyistic post on this blog, this post to is 50% picture spam, 40% incoherent text and 30% non-existent math.

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