Bi-Weekly Shonen: Bleach 641-642, One Piece 799

Hello. I apologize for the late post. I stumbled across a little game called Torchlight 2 and well, you know how it is.

one piece laugh



Pretty good! I am all up for getting back to the main plot and ending it, but I am sort of enjoying this Mayuri – Nemu bonding. Nemu has gone from being a lifeless doll to a character we sort of care about and Mayuri in turn has shown off his more caring side (that he is too embarrassed to admit exists). If I understood correctly, Mayuri stopped using Nemu’s full name (Nemuri Nanagou which means Sleeping Number 7) because he no longer wishes to think of her as his 7th creation or something. Having seen her grow, he is already living his dream.

Kinda funny how strong she became. That said, she is probably one of the few if not only Shinigami we have seen who rely heavily on physical techniques (and not on their swords or magic). I hope she is finished that hand thing off. It is not a terrible villain, but the pace does need to pick up a little.

nemu powerpuffOne Piece

one piece blind


I was worried about a dragged out, serious fight between Luffy and Fujitora, but One Piece once more surprised me. The little banter between the Admiral and Luffy was really sweet. I love how Luffy admitted to not hating Fujitora, which is why he wanted Fujitora to know exactly how his butt was being kicked.

I love how the citizens all obviously knew the truth, but pretended otherwise just to let the Pirates run away. That was very sweet. The real surprise though came right at the end where 5600 or so people wanted to pledge their allegiance to the Straw Hats as daughter crews. That is amazing. I figured Luffy would make lifelong friends from this arc (Cavendish, Bartolomeo, etc..), but never expected the possibility of getting subordinate crews. I don’t know if Luffy will accept. To be honest, it is not totally his thing, but it would be pretty cool if he did. The Strawhats would likely continue to sail alone, but if they ever felt like it, they could summon 5600 pirates and cause some serious mayhem!

We will see what Luffy does. I think the manga will go in a good direction either way.

one piece subordinates


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