Weekly Shonen: Bleach 643, One Piece 800

Sorry, this is late.

bleach syazel


bleach poor Nemu

Aww, poor Nemu. She deserved better than to be defeated like that. The fact that Szayelaporro of all people acted as Mayuri’s conscious was hilarious. While Szayel was only preaching what Mayuri had preached earlier, I do hope Mayuri still ended up finding that bit of humanity he lacked. I mean, it is good he wizened up and made sure the enemy was defeated, but I do hope he continues to feel that parental bond towards Nemu (I am expecting he can revive her using that cerebellum.

bleach Mayuri

Good chapter. This fight looks to be over and we are probably going to switch over to more boring fights now.

One Piece

One Piece free spirit

Nice. I was expecting Luffy to say no, but I wasn’t expecting everyone else to pledge their allegiance anyway. That was sweet and now Luffy has a makeshift band of minions that will come to his aid, whether he wants them to or not!

one piece sake

Nice chapter and it is so cool that One Piece has reached 800 chapters! (How amazing is it that this new saga in the Straw Hats quest starts in the 800th chapter!)

What a way to end the 800th chapter of One Piece!

What a way to end the 800th chapter of One Piece!


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