Weekly Shonen: Bleach 650, One Piece 806

Hello. There is not much to say this week.

one piece usopp gyaa


bleach bird

Divine chicken thing.

I wasn’t as disappointed with the bird form thing as I might have expected to be. It was dumb, but sort of decent appropriate for some kind of divine being thing. Though, he clearly had a drop in intelligence, but such is the nature of powered up Bleach villains. The more restrained the villain, the smarter they are. As they grow stronger, they always lose some of their brain matter.

As for Shunsui and Nanao, well we don’t really know what is up with that. I assume he made a promise with Nanao’s mother to keep her sword locked up for some dumb reason and now he is going to give it back and she will somehow be strong enough to beat this unbeatable bad guy because that is how Bleach works (the manga, not the chemical). We shall see next chapter!

bleach kyoukotsu

One Piece

one piece dadan cover

It was great seeing Dadan on the cover of One Piece! It has been a while since we have since her and Foosha Village. She looks to be happy helping raise another kid. The rest of the villagers are all celebrating Luffy’s triumph. I didn’t realize (or had totally forgotten), but the kid is Makino’s! That is so cool. I have always had a thing for Makino. I am assuming the guy next to her is the dad?

one piece elephant

robin elephant

Robin’s imagination is cute as hell.

Oh wow, the exploding volcano of rain thing is the Elephant’s trunk! The Elephant likes bathing and in doing so, it provides the people living atop it with water and food. I didn’t notice at first, but the manga even mentioned a filtration device. That makes sense since salt water is useless without being filtered.

I was not expecting the Straw Hats to meet up again so soon. I laughed at how Usopp misinterpreted the Minks intentions. They don’t hate humans, in fact they have a fetish for these skinless beings! Amazing!

one piece welcom straw hats

We also learned that Jack was the guy who attacked the marines in the hope of rescuing Doflamingo (it looks like quite a few days have passed since Dressrosa). Jack was looking for someone on the island. My guess is that he was either looking for the ninja dude or for Law. I am currently assuming it is the former since the Minks were running around looking for him too.

Something has definitely happened to Sanji. Nami wouldn’t be in tears if Sanji was in peach perfect condition. I don’t think Sanji has died or gotten badly injured though. Chopper and Nami wouldn’t have been so happy if he had been. Maybe he got kidnapped, or willingly left for some pretty lady or got turned into stone.

I am so hyped for the next chapter (a bit of a shame it is not coming next week). This arc is moving a lot faster than expected and it has already shattered a few of my predictions (like them meeting up so soon). Oh and it is great having 7 of the Straw Hats together again. I can’t wait till it is all 9 of them.

Nami giving Luffy a heartfelt hug. This is surprisingly moving.

Nami giving Luffy a heartfelt hug. This is surprisingly moving.


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